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Capacity Building for Renewable Energy SMEs in Africa Annual Report

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Executive Summary

1.0. About Caburesa

1.1. The CABURESA project has the following targets

1.2. Primary Target Group

1.3. Crosscutting Issues

1.4. Key strategies

2.0. Capacity Building Activities

2.1. Beneficiaries workshops/study tours/study visits/AFREPREN/FWD Exhibit visits/Online courses

2.2. Specialized Training of SMEs/ATERIs

2.3. Identification of Platforms/Networks

2.4. Mobile Training Practical Models / Exhibit Unit

2.5. Regional Studies on Priority Renewable Energy Technologies

2.6. Capacity, Skills and Needs Assessment Studies

3.0. Investment Promotions Activities

3.1. Feasibility Studies of SMEs/ATERIs

3.2. Installation of Full Scale Demonstration units

3.3. Investment support to Platforms/Networks

3.4. SMEs/ATERIs links with potential financiers

3.5. Market analysis studies/surveys

3.6. Mailing list of potential investors in renewable energy

3.7. Publications (Editing, design and printing)

4.0. Policy Development and Outreach

4.1. Beneficiaries of Regional Policy workshops/ meetings/consultations/seminars

4.2. Support to 10 CSOs/interested institutions in the development of and advocacy for pro-sustainable energy policies and/or regulations

4.3. Formal contact established with Danish embassies/ DANIDA representatives

4.4. Regional Studies on Pro-Poor Sustainable Energy Policy/Regulation Options

5.0. Institutional Capacity Strengthening Support

6.0. Steering Committee and reporting

7.0. Summary of 2019 Caburesa Financial Account

8.0. Challenges and Opportunities

9.0. Conclusion

10.0. Annex 1: Proposed New End-of-Project Targets

11.0. Caburesa Publications

12.0. List of Collaborating Institutions and Partners since 2007/2019

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