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Case Studies for African Union Energy Initiatives

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1.0. Rusomo Falls Hydroelectric Project: A Best Practice for Socio- Environmental Risk Mitigation

1.1. National and Regional Impact of Rusomo Falls

1.2. Transbounday Water Management as success for Socio-EnvironmentalRisk Mitigation

2.0. Kaleta Dam: Energy Access through Regional Infrastructure in West Africa

2.1. Socio-Economic-Impacts-and Regional Power Distribution

3.0. Agenda 2063: The Grand Inga Hydropower Project

3.1. Progress to-date

3.2. Challenges

3.3. Next Step

4.0. Lesotho HWP Phase 2 Water Transfer Component

4.1. Programme Milestone

4.2. Technical Information

5.0. Batoka Gorge Hydro Electric Power Scheme

5.1. Project Description

5.2. Project Objectives and Benefits

5.3. Project Benefits

6.0. Africa Renewable Energy Initiative (AREI)

6.1. Progress in the implementation of the 19 AREI projects

7.0. Djermaya Solar plant project 32 MWp

7.1. Proposed Djermaya solar project in Chad enters a new phase (July 2020)

7.2. Chad’s first Independent Power Producer (IPP)

8.0. ElectriFI – (GVE) Nigeria, 17.8 MW

8.1. Progress (June 2018)

9.0. Ruzizi III Hydropower Plant 147 MW

9.1. Progress (June 2018)

10.0. Benin Project DEFISSOL 25 MW

10.1. Progress

11.0. Zambia, Sustainable electricity Supply Southern Division

11.1. Progress

12.0. Bauchi solar project 100 MW, Nigeria

12.1. Progress

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