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Small Hydro Power Development in Africa

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1.0. Introduction

1.1. Classification of Hydropower plants

2.0. Types of hydropower plants

2.1. Run-of-River Hydropower Plant (RoR)

2.2. Hydropower Plant with Reservoir

2.3. Pump Storage Hydropower Plant

2.4. In-stream Hydropower Scheme

3.0. Small hydro power in Sub-Saharan Africa

4.0. Economics of small hydro systems

4.1. Small hydro power technology

4.2. Civil Works

4.3. Electro-Mechanical Equipment

4.4. Costs

4.5. Financing

5.0. Main barriers and good practices for SHP development

6.0. Policies and strategies

6.1. Clear targets and transparent planning

6.2. Incentives and promotion

7.0. Supportive regulation and institutions for SHP development

7.1. Setting of clear institutional arrangements

7.2. Setting of tariff levels and structures

7.3. Setting of quality-of-service standards

7.4. Setting of entry requirements

7.5. Setting of requirements for subsidies or other incentives

8.0. Financing SHP: private investment needed

8.1. Public Funding

8.2. Local Banks

8.3. Lowering Costs

9.0. Building of local capacity: at all levels

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