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Kenyan Counties Energy Profiles

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1.0. Introduction

2.0. Energy Regulators

2.1. Ministry of Energy

2.2. Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA)

2.3. Energy and Petroleum Tribunal (EPT)

2.4. Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC)

2.5. Nuclear Power and Energy Agency (NPEA)

3.0. Generation, Distribution and Transmission

4.0. Counties of Kenya

4.1. List of Counties

5.0. Counties Energy Profiles

5.1-5.47 Different profiles for every county

6.0. Universal Access to Electricity in Kenya

7.0. Approaches to Achieving Universal Access to Electricity

7.1. Balancing Consumer Intensification with Service beyond the Grid

8.0. Recommendations for County Energy Integration Plans

8.1. Review the role of the Energy Centres

8.2. Initiate information programmes in areas where those that express a lack of knowledge of alternatives as a main reason for choosing their energy source

8.3. Develop a cross organisational structure that allows the Energy Centresto coordinate all activities at county level

8.4. Summary of recommendations

9.0. Policy Recommendations

9.1. Guarantee leadership, commitment and strategic planning

9.2. Ensure dedicated institutions and enabling policy and regulatory frameworks

9.3. Enable private sector participation

9.4. Integrate electrification of productive uses in accessstrategies

9.5. Support technology development and standards

9.6. Energy storage

9.7. Harness the potential of energy efficiency

9.8. Address affordability

10.0. Energy Access Summary

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