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Rural Electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa

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1.0. Introduction

2.0. The challenge of Rural Electrification

3.0. Experience of Rural Electrification Programs

4.0. Rural Electrification Planning

4.1. Rural Electrification Planning Process and Methodology

4.2. Methodology

5.0. Off Grid Solutions

5.1. Diesel Generators

5.2. Micro/Pico-hydro

5.3. Solar

5.4. Wind

5.5. Thermoelectric

5.6. Micro-Grids

6.0. Renewable Energy Contribution from Agro Industries

7.0. Social and economic benefits of rural electrification

7.1. Education

7.2. Productivity and Efficiency

7.3. Job Creation

7.4. Healthcare Improvements

7.5. Additional Benefits

8.0. Challenges of rural electrification

8.1. Technical challenges

8.2. Economic challenges

9.0. Rural electrification concessions

9.1. Successful electricity concessions

9.2. Conditions affecting the success of concessions

9.3. Future role of concessions

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