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Zambia National Focal Point

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Zambia National Focal Point Coordinator


Mrs. Langiwe Chandi

Senior Planner

Department of Energy

Ministry of Energy and Water Development


National Policy Seminars Held To-date:

Seminar Theme:  Zambia Book Launch

Venue: Raj Pamodzi Hotel, Lusaka

Date: 25th June 2004 

 Key Objectives:

- Disseminate AFREPREN/FWD research findings

- Garner views of key stakeholders on the research studies undertaken

- Familiarize the participants with AFREPREN/FWD.

Brief report on the Book Launch (Downloadable in PDF format)


Seminar Theme:  Gender and Energy in Zambia

Venue: Zambia Institute of Mass Communication

Date: 22nd 23rd September 2001

 Key Objectives:

- Create awareness on AFREPREN/FWD.

- Sensitize key stakeholders in the energy sector on gender issues.

- Disseminate the findings under the current AFREPREN/FWD gender study.

- Identify and prioritise research needs that will help highlight the magnitude of gender imbalances and strategies of addressing them.

- Come up with practical recommendations on activities that can improve the status of women in the energy sector.



Seminar Theme:  Energy for Rural Development in Zambia

Venue: Zebra Guest house

Date: 14th 15th October 2000.  

Key Objectives:  

- Determine to what extent gender issues have influenced the policy formulation, programmes and projects in the energy sector.

- Review how the current policy measures address the energy needs for rural development and the urban poor.

- Assess whether the research proposals under AFREPREN/FWD adequately address the research need for Zambia.

- Identify research areas that will enhance the provision of energy services for rural development.

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