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Tanzania National Focal Point

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Tanzania National Focal Point Coordinator


Mr. Maneno J.J. Katyega

Senior Energy Systems Analyst,

Research and Development

Tanzania Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO) Head Office

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

National Policy Seminars Held To-date:

Seminar Theme: Tanzania Book Launch

Venue: Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (DIT), Dar es Salaam

Date:  24th April 2004

Key Objective: 

- To promote and publicize AFREPREN/FWD publications (books, journal articles, occasional papers and working papers), particularly those authored by AFREPREN/FWD researchers in the country.


The publications launched included:


1. Karekezi S., Mapako M., Teferra M., 2002. Energy Policy Special Issue, Volume 30, Numbers 11-12  – “Africa: Improving Modern Energy Services for the Poor”.  Elsevier Science Ltd, UK.


2. Marandu E.E., 1999. “Tanzania Chapter” In: Bhagavan M.R. (Ed) "Reforming the Power Sector in Africa". ZED Books, London and AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.


3. Katyega M. and Marandu E.E., 2000. AFREPREN/FWD Occasional Paper No. 7: "Power Sector Reforms in Tanzania". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.


Seminar Theme: Impact of Reforms on Provision of Energy Services to the Urban Poor in Tanzania

Venue: Peacock Hotel, Dar es Salaam

Date:  10th –11th June 2002

Key Objectives: 

- Present AFREPREN/FWD research findings on energy services for the urban poor and on power sector reform in Tanzania.


- Draw experiences and lessons on improving energy services for the urban poor and energy sector reforms from the region.


- Solicit comments and views from the various key  energy for the urban poor stakeholders on the usefulness of the research findings.


- Identify priority policy interventions and follow-up implementable projects.

Seminar Theme:  Power Sector Reforms in Tanzania

Venue: Bahari Beach Hotel, Dar es Salaam

Date: 16th –17th December 2000

Key Objectives: 

- Disseminate AFREPREN/FWD research findings.


- Ascertain the policy research priorities of key energy sector stakeholders.

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