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Eritrea National Focal Point

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Eritrea National Focal Point Coordinator


Dr. Semere Habtetsion


Department of Energy, Energy Management & Development Division,

Ministry of Energy and Mines


National Policy Seminars Held To-date:

Seminar Theme: Book Exhibition

Venue: Expo Grounds, Asmara

Date: 5th-14th March 2004

The Eritrea National Focal Point organised an exhibition of AFREPREN/FWD publications at the 3rd Eritrea Book Fair that was held on 5 14th March 2004 at the Expo Grounds in Asmara. A major national annual event, the book fair was officially opened by the Minister of Information and was attended by several government ministers. The AFREPREN/FWD exhibit hosted by the Eritrea National Focal Point coordinator, Dr. Semere Habtetsion (Ministry of Energy) and his associate, Dr. Zemenfes Hudru (University of Asmara) displayed AFREPREN/FWD books as well as key publications of the Ministry of Energy. Being the only energy-related stall, it attracted a large number of visitors especially lecturers, researchers and students from the major tertiary institutions. Some of the notable visitors who showed a keen interest in AFREPREN/FWD publications were the Ambassadors of Saudi Arabia and Libya as well as the Director of the World Bank office in Eritrea. Dr. Habtetsion was also interviewed by the national press and he explained the objectives of AFREPREN/FWD and the main thrust of its research work in the region.

Mini Documentation Unit: AFREPREN/FWD's publications can obtained from the the British Council Library in Asmara. The library has 3,500 registered users who can borrow books and over 1,000 daily visitors. Students from the University and Vocational Schools, professionals, civil servants business community are among the frequent users.



The British Council Library

Street 175-11, No 23

P. O. Box 997

Asmara, Eritrea

Tel.: +291 1 123415/120529

Fax: +291 1 127230

Email: information@britishcouncil.org.er

Website: http:www.britishcouncil.org.er


Seminar Theme:  Sustainable Energy in Eritrea  

Venue:  National Confederation of Eritrean Workers, Asmara

Date:  30th 31st October 2001

 Key Objectives:

-  Identify the problems and challenges facing the development of the energy sector

-  Identify appropriate policies, strategies and programmes to be pursued.

- To gather constructive suggestions and comments from participants that will contribute to improved performance of the sector


Seminar Theme: Energy for Rural Development in Eritrea

Venue:  Ambasoira Hotel, Asmara

Date: 2nd-3rd November 2000  

 Key Objectives:

-  To disseminate AFREPREN/FWD's research findings

-  To garner the energy policy research priorities of key stake holders in their respective national sectors

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