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Botswana National Focal Point

[Botswana [Eritrea] [Ethiopia] [Kenya] [Malawi] [South Africa] [Tanzania] [Uganda] [Zambia] [Zimbabwe]

Botswana National Focal Point Coordinator 


Mr. Joseph Mbaiwa

Research Fellow

Harry Oppenhemier Okavango Research Centre

University of Botswana



National Policy Seminars Held To-date:


Seminar Theme: Book Launch/Exhibit
Venue: Ditshupo Hall, Gaborone
Date: 21st-25th March 2004

The Botswana Book Launch/Exhibit was held during the World CIVICUS Assembly and was organized by the Botswana National Focal Point, Mr. Joseph Mbaiwa of the University of Botswana.  AFREPREN/FWD publications were displayed and distributed to conference participants who visited the AFREPREN/FWD stand.  Most of the visitors showed interest and appreciation of the work being undertaken by AFREPREN/FWD.



Seminar Theme:  Renewables and Energy Development for Rural Areas

Venue:   Cresta Lodge, Gaborone.

Date:  19th 20th August 2002

Key Objectives:

- Identify ways that can be adopted in promoting rural electrification in Botswana. 

- Assess energy sources that are appropriate and affordable for rural areas.  

- Identify gender related factors that influence energy use in rural areas for households and businesses.  

- Draw regional similarities in the dissemination of modern energy in rural areas.


Seminar Theme: Energy for Rural Development in Botswana

Venue: Maharaja Conference Centre, Gaborone.

Date:  26th 27th October 2000.

 Key Objectives:

- Review energy technologies and options availability to rural households and small 

& medium scale enterprises.

- Identify key issues related to supply of modern energy services to rural areas.  

- Develop policy recommendations on how to enhance delivery of modern energy services to rural households and small & medium scale enterprises.


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