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The AFREPREN/FWD Quarterly Newsletter is one of the Network's key publications. The primary objective of the Newsletter is to disseminate the findings of the AFREPREN/FWD research programme. 

1. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 36 May 2004. Lead Articles - "Renewables and Poverty reduction in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa. Renewable Energy for Rural Development in Ethiopia: The Case for New Energy Policies and Institutional Reform" and "Promoting Equity in Large-Scale Renewable Energy Development: The Case of Mauritius". AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat, Nairobi.

2. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 35, January 2004. Lead Articles - "Are Subsidies Needed To Improve The Urban Poor's Access to Kerosene and Electricity?" , "Can The Urban Poor Afford Modern Energy Services?" and "Improving Modern Energy Services For Africa's Urban Poor". AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat, Nairobi.

3. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 34, May 2002. Lead Articles - "Modern Energy Use and the Urban Poor in Ethiopia" and "Socio-Economic Impact of Geothermal Energy Development on the Poor in Kenya". AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat, Nairobi.

4. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 33, January 2002. Lead Articles - "Is the Kenyan Electricity Regulatory Board Autonomous?" and “Replacing Coal and Oil with Cleaner Natural Gas in Southern Africa – The Equity Dimension”. AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat, Nairobi.

5. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 32, August/September 2001. Lead Articles - "Gender and Energy for Rural Development - A Country Case Study of Zambia, Liquid Fuel Policies in Zimbabwe". AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat, Nairobi.

6. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 31, April 2001. Lead Articles -"Energy Services for the Urban Poor: Zimbabwe and Power Sector Reforms in Ethiopia: Implications for Rural Electrification". AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat, Nairobi.

7. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 30, February, 2001. Lead Articles - "Bagasse Based Co-generation in Mauritius - A model for the Eastern and Southern Africa Region" and "World Oil Price Hikes: Implications for the Energy Sector and Economies in Africa", AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat, Nairobi.

8. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 29, August, 2000. Lead Articles -"Restructuring and Privatization of the Power Sector in Tanzania", and "Urban Transport in Zimbabwe: Cleaner Options for a Sustainable Future", AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat, Nairobi.

9. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 28, April, 2000. Lead Articles - "Mitigation of Green House Gases Emissions in Uganda's Transport Sector", "Management and Efficiency of the Power Sector in Tanzania", and "Feasibility Study on the Commercial Manufacture of Photovoltaic System Components: A case of Ghana", AFREPREN/FWD Secretariat, Nairobi.

10. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 27, November, 1999 Lead Articles -"Capacity Building in the Energy Sector of South Africa" and "Supply, Consumption and Pricing of Kerosene in Ethiopia"

11. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No. 26, August, 1999 Lead Articles -"AFREPREN/FWD General Assembly (AGA) and Launching Workshop for AFREPREN/FWD's 1999-2002 Programme", "The Way Forward for the Power Sector in Eastern and Southern Africa ", "Renewable Energy in Namibia ": and SEI-AFREPREN/FWD Solar Training Workshop.

12. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.25, April, 1999. Lead Articles -"African Energy Conference and AFREPREN/FWD General Assembly" and "Power Sector in Zimbabwe: Theory or Reality"and "The Potential of Energy Recovery from Municipal and Solid Waste and Wastewater in Botswana" AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

13. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.24, January/February, 1998. Lead Articles - "African Regional Policy Seminars on Transport & Energy, and Energy Institutions and Power Sector Reform" and "Finance and Investment Issues in the Marketing and Retailing of Petroleum Products in Kenya" and AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

14. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.23, January/February, 1998. Lead Articles - "The Transport Sector and Climate Change in Uganda" and "Capacity Building in the Power Sector in Ethiopia" AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

15. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.22, November 1997. Lead Articles - "Restructuring the Power Sector in Uganda" and "Energy Recovery from Municipal Waste"AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

16. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.21, September 1997. Lead Articles -"Petroleum Pricing and Taxation: The Case of Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi"and "Capacity Building in Zimbabwe's Energy Sector"AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

17. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.20 December 1996/January 1997, Lead Articles - "Institutional Reform in Zimbabwe's Power Sector" and "Management and Efficiency in the Power Sector of Lesotho" AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi

18. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.19 August/September 1996, Lead Articles - "Energy in the Transport Sector: The Case of Ethiopia." and "Production of Energy from Biomass Wastes in Tanzania." AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi

19. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.18 March/April 1996, Lead Article - "Photovoltaics in Kenya". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi

20. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.17 December 1995/January 1996, Lead Article - "Appropriateness and Performance of Public Energy Sector Institutions: The Experience in Kenya". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi

21. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.16 November/December, 1995, Lead Article - "Options for Mitigating Greenhouse Gases Emissions in Southern Africa: The Case of Coal Use in Botswana". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi

22. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.15 June/July, 1995, Lead Article - "The Power Sector in Zambia". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi

23. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.14 November/December, 1994, Lead Article - "Energy Use in the Transport Sector of Mauritius". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi

24. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.13 August/September 1994, Lead Article - "The African Regional Energy and Environment Policy Seminar - A Post UNCED Initiative". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

25. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.12 July/August 1994, Lead Article - "Biomass Energy and Coal in Africa", AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

26. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.11 January/February, 1994, Lead Article - "African Regional Energy and Environment Policy Seminar". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

27. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.10, November/December 1993. Lead Article - "SADC Launches Major Programme on Energy Conservation in Rural Industries". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

28. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.9, June/July 1993. Lead Article - "Zambia National Energy Policy", AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

29. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.8, February/March 1993. Lead Article - "Energy Options for Africa - Environmentally Sustainable Alternatives", AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

30. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.7, November 1991. Lead Article - "Use of Petroleum Products in Mauritius - Opportunities and Constraints in the Power Sector", AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

31. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.6, May/June 1991. Lead Article - "Rural Electrification in Zambia", AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

32. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.5, February 1991. Lead Article - "Prospects for Photovoltaics in Africa". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

33. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.4, August/September 1990. Lead Article - "Coal - An Indigenous Energy Resource for Botswana", AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

34. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.3, March 1990. Lead Article - "Renewable Energy Technologies in Africa", AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

35. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.2, December 1989. Lead Article - "Alternatives for Rural Electrification in Ethiopia", AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

36. AFREPREN/FWD Newsletter No.1, 1989. Lead Article - "The AFREPREN/FWD Network". AFREPREN/FWD, Nairobi.

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