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Article Title Summary
"Design, Construction and Application of Cookstove Cages, Solar Driers and Solar Water Heaters", Hotel Paradise, Jinja - Uganda by Stephen Karekezi (9th - 16th September 2013) Read Summary
"Introduction to CABURESA project", CABURESA Training Workshop, Hotel Paradise, Jinja - Uganda  by Stephen Karekezi (9th - 16th September 2013) Read Summary
"Status of Cogen in East and Southern Africa", Regional Launch Workshop for New Studies on Cogeneration, Lenana hotel, Nairobi, Kenya by Stephen Karekezi (15th April 2011) Read Summary
"Cogeneration in the Cement Industry", 2nd Environmental Cement Africa Conference, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya by Stephen Karekezi (AFREPREN/FWD) & Ewan Wheeler (AfDB) (11th -12th May 2011) Read Summary
"Overview of Capacity Building for Renewable Energy SMEs (and end users) in Africa", CABURESA Training Workshop, Hotel Paradise, Jinja, Uganda by Stephen Karekezi & John Kimani (22nd - 23rd June 2010) Read Summary
"Experiences in Collaboration and Networking with Civil Society Organizations", Sustainergy Nairobi Conference by Stephen Karekezi, John Kimani & Maryanne Kamoche (29th September 2009) Read Summary
"Successfully Implementing Cogeneration Development in Africa", Cogeneration World Africa Conference, Johannesburg, South Africa by S. Karekezi, John Kimani, MaryAnne Kamoche & Victor Ajuoga (16th September 2009) Read Summary
"Large Scale Hydropower, Renewable Energy and Adaptation Response to Climate Change in East and Horn of Africa", Henrich Boll Foundation East Africa (HBF-HA) Book Launch, Nairobi, Kenya by AFREPREN/FWD & HEINRICH BOLL FOUNDATION (27th August 2009) Read Summary
"Renewable Energy Technology Transfer in Africa: The Value of Demonstration - Case of Bagasse-based Cogeneration and Geothermal", Tenth World Renewable Energy Congress & Exhibition, WREC, Glasgow, Scotland by Stephen Karekezi and John Kimani (July 2008)  Read Summary
"Kenya Energy Sector Pre Budget Presentation Applications in Eritrea", MPs Pre-Budget Workshop for the Departmental Committees, Naivasha, Kenya by Stephen Karekezi and John Kimani (May 2008) Read Summary
"Renewable Energy-Potential, Markets and Strategies Case Studies of Successful Initiatives", Renewable Energy Conference - REN21 Side Event , Dakar, Senegal  by Stephen Karekezi and Waeni Kithyoma (18 th April 2008) Read Summary

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