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Electric Power Quality Training Manual

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1.0. Introduction

2.0. Electric Power Quality

2.1. Power Quality Deviations

2.2. Addressing power quality issues

3.0. Power Factor

3.1. Effects of low power factor

3.2. Power factor correction

3.3. Practical Power Factor Correction

3.4. Sizing for power factor correction

3.5. Benefits of Power Factor Correction

4.0. Power system harmonics

4.1. Harmonic sources

4.2. Harmonics effects

4.3. Mitigation techniques

5.0. Voltage instability

5.1. Install voltage management equipment

5.2. Tap down an existing transformer

6.0. Phase imbalance

6.1. Causes of phase imbalance

6.2. Effects of voltage imbalance

6.3. Mitigation techniques

7.0. Quick guide to power quality symptoms and causes

8.0. Appendices

8.1. Power Quality Terms

8.2. List of Abbreviations

This paper is available on an exchange basis. If you find it to be useful, we encourage you to send us any relevant publications from your organization. To request for the full paper, please fill in the publications request form

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