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Case Studies for Waste to Briquettes for Low Income Communities in Africa

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1.0. Sanivation: Fueling the Waste-to-Revenue Cycle

1.1. Waste Collection: Providing Access to a Safe Toilet

1.2. Waste Processing: Providing Safe Waste Treatment

1.3. Waste Conversion: Providing More Affordable Fuel

1.4. Fuel Distribution: Providing Safe and Eco-Friendly Cooking Fuel

2.0. Fire Briquettes as a Mitigation Strategy for Vulnerable Grassroots Communities - Kenya

2.1. Fast facts:

2.2. The problem

2.3. The solution

2.4. Helping the planet

2.5. Helping people

2.6. Spillover effect

3.0. Pellets for Cooking - Zambia

3.1. Fast facts

3.2. The problem

3.3. The solution

3.4. Helping the planet

3.5. Helping people

4.0. The community initiative creating sustainable employment, food security and energy out of waste

5.0. Uganda offers lessons in tapping the power of solid waste

5.1. Innovations emerge from the informal sector

5.2. Tapping a free resource

5.3. A strong organization

5.4. Fecal sludge can provide jobs

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