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Waste to Briquettes for Low Income Communities in Africa

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1.0. Introduction

2.0. Municipal Solid Waste

2.1. Management of Municipal Solid Waste

2.2. Opportunities

2.3. Gendered Roles, and Access to, and Control of, Energy Resources for Cooking

3.0. Raw materials

3.1. Types of Waste Used for Producing Briquettes

3.2. Key Characteristics of the Feedstock

3.3. Use of Binders

3.4. Pretreatment of Feedstock for Producing Briquettes

4.0. Production of Briquettes from Non-carbonized Waste

4.1. Drying and Storage

4.2. Use

4.3. Quality Parameters

5.0. Production of Briquettes from Carbonized Waste

5.1. Drying and Storage

5.2. Use

5.3. Quality Parameters

6.0. Roles and technology in low income community-based small- scale briquette production

6.1. Disproportionate Health Impacts from Cooking with Biomass

6.2. Positive Environmental Impacts of Briquette use

7.0. Drivers for Success of Briquette Businesses Lessons from East Africa

8.0. Challenges faced by briquette businesses

8.1. Regulatory Barriers

8.2. Financial Barriers

8.3. Operational and Market-related

9.0. Impact of Briquette Use and Sales on Women and the Poor

9.1. Source of Income

9.2. Direct Cost Savings

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