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Electric Motors and Drive Systems

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1.0. Introduction

2.0. Induction Motor

3.0. Parts of the Motor

4.0. Principle of Operation

4.1. Effect of 3 Phase Current Passing Through a Stator Winding

4.2. The Concept of a Rotating Magnetic Field

4.3. The Effect of RMF on a Closed Conductor

4.4. The Working of an Induction Motor

4.5. The Speed of Rotation of a Rotor & the Concept of Slip

4.6. Control

4.7. Energy Transfer in the Motor

5.0. Motor Efficiency Classes

6.0. Motor Driven Systems

7.0. Energy Efficiency Opportunities

7.1. Opportunity 1

7.2. Opportunity 2

7.3. Opportunity 3

7.4. Opportunity 4

8.0. Motor starting methods

8.1. Direct-on-line starting (DOL)

8.2. Star-delta starting

8.3. Comparison of DOL and Star-delta starting

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