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COGEN/CABURESA Training Course for Sustainable Energy Entepreneurs

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1.0. Introduction

2.0. Fundamentals of entrepreneurship

2.1. Cash flows

2.2. Inflation rates

2.3. Time points and periods

2.4. Discount Rate

2.5. Cost of capital

2.6. Present value

2.7. Taxes

2.8. Fixed Charge Rate

2.9. Financing

2.10. Investor Perspective

2.11. Uncertainty and Risk

3.0. Economic Measures

3.1. Net Present Value

3.2. Total life-cycle cost

3.3. Revenue Requirements

3.4. Levelized Cost of Energy

3.5. Internal Rate of Return

3.6. Simple Payback Period

3.7. Discounted PaybackPeriod

3.8. Benefit-to-Cost Ratios

3.9. Savings-to-investment Ratios

3.10. Integrated Resource Planning/Demand-Side-Management Ratio Tests

4.0. Capacity Building for Renewable Energy SMEs in Africa

4.1. Special Considerations for CABURESA Systems

5.0. Case studies

5.1. Proposal for Solar Water Heating at PJ Dave

5.2. Proposal for a Solar PV System at PJ Dave

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