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Water Harvesting Management and Effeciency

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1.0. Introduction

1.1. Design of RWHsystems

2.0. Lifecycle Assessment

2.1. Life-Cycle Costs (LCC)terminology

2.2. Significance of LCC to water services delivery

2.3. Main components of LCC components

2.4. Sources of information

2.5. Life-Cycle Costs (LCC) framework for RWH systems

2.6. Water supply service levels required to analyse costs

3.0. Results and discussion

3.1. Costs relative to the supply system

3.2. Economies of scale in RWH systems

3.3. Influence of lifespan and climate on costs of RWH

3.4. Regional differences in CapEx and OpEx of RWH systems

4.0. Overview of Comprehensive WaterManagement

4.1. Set Overarching Policy and Goals

4.2. Assess Current Water Use and Cost1

4.3. Assess Current Water Use and Cost2

4.4. Develop a Water Balance:Definition

4.5. Assess Water Efficiency Opportunities and Economics

4.6. Develop an Implementation Plan

4.7. Measure Progress

4.8. Plan for Contingencies

4.9. Irrigation Auditing

4.10. Irrigation Efficiency Options

4.11. Improving IrrigationEfficiency

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