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Renewable Energy Technologies for Arid and Semi-arid Communities Graphical Presentation

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1.0. Solar Powered GPS Bracelet

2.0. Toting panels on donkeys, Maasai women lead a solar revolution

3.0. Manufacturing the Solar CooKit

3.1. General

3.2. The mould

3.3. Rerolling the foil

3.4. Gluing aluminium foil on cardboard

3.5. Drying the sheets

3.6. Drawing cutting lines and folding points

3.7. Cutting the CooKit

3.8. Folding instructions

4.0. Quality control

5.0. Requisites to manufacture a CooKit set

5.1. Space requirements for CooKit manufacturing

5.2. Personnel

6.0. Annexes

6.1. Annex I CooKit sheet standard model with measurements/lines

6.2. Annex II Checklist tools, equipment to make aCooKit

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