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Clean Energy Status and Activities in Laisamis Subcounty and Marsabit County

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1.0. Introduction

2.0. Project Design Study on the Renewable Energy Development for Off-Grid Power Supply in Rural Regions of Kenya

3.0. Firm bets on Sh75b green energy project to grow Marsabit economy

4.0. ZeroBase Partners With ClearWater to Bring Renewables to Rural Kenya

5.0. Marsabit County Integrated Development Plan 2013 to 2017

6.0. Marsabit County Integrated Development Plan 2018 to 2022

7.0. Exploring Kenya’s inequality: Pulling apart or pooling together?

8.0. Kenya Off-Grid Solar Access Project

8.1. Beneficiaries

8.2. Duration and Funding

8.3. Scope of the Project

8.4. Component 1 Mini-grids for Households and Public Facilities

8.5. Component 2 on Stand Alone Solar Home Systems

8.6. Types of Support under the RBF and Debt Facilities

9.0. Rural Electrification Authority's Project- Laisamis Market in Laisamis Constituency

10.0. Rural Electrification and Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC) Mashinani Tweet

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