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Pre - Print Articles Published in Energy Policy Special Issue of 2002 on Africa Published by Elsevier Science Limited,  United Kingdom

Article Title


Poverty and Energy in Africa - A Brief Review by S. Karekezi   Read Summary

Impact of Power sector reform on the poor  

Status of Power Sector Reform in Africa: Impact on the Poor by S. Karekezi and J. Kimani Read Summary
Tariffs and Subsidies in Zimbabwe’s Reforming Electricity Industry: Steering a Utility through Turbulent Times by S. E. Mangwengwende   Read Summary
Power Sector Reforms in Zimbabwe: Will Reforms Increase Electrification and Strengthen Local Participation? by D. Kayo   Read Summary
Power Sector Reforms in Ethiopia: Options for Promoting Local Investments in Rural Electrification by M. Teferra   Read Summary
The Prospects for Local Private Investment in Tanzania’s Rural Electrification by E. E Marandu   Read Summary
Is the Kenyan Electricity Regulatory Board Autonomous? by P Nyoike   Read Summary
Electricity Sector Reform in Cameroon: Is Privatisation the Solution? by P.O. Pineau   Read Summary

Energy services for the urban poor

Energy access among the urban poor in Kenya by Stephen Karekezi, John Kimani, and Oscar Onguru   Read Summary
Improving Modern Energy Services for Africa’s Urban Poor by S. Karekezi and L. Majoro Read Summary
Can the Urban Poor Afford Modern Energy? The Case of Ethiopia by B. Kebede, A. Bekele and E. Kedir Read Summary
The Turbulent Liquid Fuel Industry in Zimbabwe: Options for Resolving the Crisis and Improving Supply to the Poor by K. Mashange Read Summary

Renewables and energy services for the rural poor  

Renewables in Africa - Meeting the Energy Needs of the Poor by S. Karekezi   Read Summary
Renewable Energy Strategies for Rural Africa: Is a PV-led Renewable Energy Strategy the Right Approach for Providing Modern Energy to the Rural Poor of Sub-Saharan Africa? by S. Karekezi   Read Summary
Disseminating Windpumps in Rural Kenya - Meeting Rural Water Needs using Locally Manufactured Windpumps by M Harries   Read Summary
Renewable Energy for Rural Development in Ethiopia: The Case for New Energy Policies and Institutional Reform by W. Wolde-Ghiorgis   Read Summary
The Energy Sector in Eritrea - Institutional and Policy Options for Improving Rural Energy Services by S. Habtetsion and Z. Tsighe   Read Summary
The Impact of Large Renewable Energy Development on the Poor: Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact of a Geothermal Power Plant on a Poor Rural Community In Kenya by N.O. Mariita   Read Summary
Promoting Equity in Large-Scale Renewable Energy Development: The Case of Mauritius by K. Deepchand   Read Summary
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