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Cogeneration in the forestry sector, Draft paper: Muzizi tea factory and Ndyabyeya Forestry College Case studies


T. Byempaka Elsam


The study presents two case studies of institutions in Uganda where the cogeneration technology is being utilized to meet energy needs of institutions. Uganda has a variety of renewable energy resources that include biomass, solar, wind, micro hydro and geothermal. Nevertheless, biomass energy is the source that plays a significant role in Uganda’s energy supply, contributing over 90% of the total energy consumed in the country, mainly in traditional forms such as firewood and charcoal.

The report is subdivided into three chapters. The first chapter introduces the study providing an overview of the potential of biomass and non biomass cogen related and combined heat & power (CHP) energy efficiency measures in Uganda. The chapter also provides a description of ongoing and planned cogen and energy efficiency related projects in Uganda.

Chapter 2 discusses a case study of a tea factory in Uganda. The background of the tea factory is provided with an overview of the electrical and thermal energy required to run the factory. Further, the chapter gives a detailed description of the energy plantas well as the operational experiences and useful lessons from the case study.

Chapter 3 discusses a case study of a Forestry College located in the North West part of Kampala, giving details on the electrical and thermal needs of the college.

Further providing a summary on possible challenges in operating a cogen (in this case a gasifier) plant and ways of mitigating the challenges. Some of the key challenges noted include: fuel handling, technical equipment, power control systems and financing among others.

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